arts of ecology residency programme and a festival in Bledowska Desert, Poland


Desert view

LIOS labs is a residency programme and an action-based platform for coexistence, creativity and healing. It is formed by a collective: a decentralised network of agents working together to raise awareness, sensitise perception, and experiment with new ways of organising. LIOS labs is a laboratory for imagination focused on fostering participatory processes of cocreation and rehabilitation of relations and environments. It is a dynamic space for co-dwelling, peer-to-peer learning, sharing and offering abundant care.

… carried by the beauty of re-enchantment of the world.

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LIOS labs arts of ecology residencies

LIOS labs offers a stationary programme of arts of ecology (aoe) residencies hosted in Błędowska Desert, Poland. 2022 marks the 3rd year of our activity in the desert. In 2020, we organised the first, beta-test edition facilitated by 12 agents coming to understand and map the terrain. In the spring of 2021 we sent out the first public open call, which gathered 65 international residents coming to live in the temporary settlement in the months of June and July (OASIS1 and OASIS2).

Arts Of Ecology - 2 - 013
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - 012
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /07
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /08
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /09
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - 010
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - 011
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /00
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /01
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /02
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /05
Arts Of Ecology - 2 - /06

photographs by Beatrice Zerbato

This year LIOS labs residencies start in the end of June and lasts until the end of July, being divided in 4 sections of activity.

3 residency periods and a final celebration weekend:

application process

In an essay, 'Can Emergence be our Saving Grace?' A. K. Schaffer poses a question that resonates while reflecting on proposals -

Can we be simultaneously poetic and scientific, inspirational and aspirational?

Please read the residency programme and the residency guidelines before applying.

Round I

building infrastructure

Round II & III

dancing with elements / living the dream

Each proposal will be evaluated according to the context of LIOS labs , as well as for its creativity, sustainability and the level of viability within the Bledow Desert ecosystem.

The application portal has been closed at midnight on 14.02.2022. Selected agents will be notified in February.
Come celebrate the Fruits of the residencies during the SotF festival weekend 29 - 31.07.2022






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