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LIOS labs is a residency programme and an action-based platform for coexistence, creativity and healing. It is formed by a collective: a decentralised network of agents working together to raise awareness, sensitise perception, and experiment with new ways of organising. LIOS labs is a laboratory for imagination focused on fostering participatory processes of cocreation and rehabilitation of relations and environments. It is a dynamic space for co-dwelling, peer-to-peer learning, sharing and offering abundant care.

… carried by the beauty of re-enchantment of the world.

We design containers that hold capacity for deep adaptation and transformation into a more wholesome, knowledgeable, and sustainable society. Through our work we aim to go beyond ideology, gender, race and politics. We strive to form a “we” that encompasses pluralities. We know that to go beyond, we shall look within, and in between the cracks of our past and present.

LIOS labs operates in following dimensions:

  • Inner-development
  • Cultivating practises of connectivity, self-inquiry, healing

  • Community building
  • Embracing togetherness, co-constructing the architecture and rituals of society, transitioning to higher states of organisation, i.e understanding and mimicking rhizomatic structures

  • Planetary vision
  • Realising that we are all part of one species and that this species is just one among many, experiencing the birth of the first global civilization, its triggers and potentiality

LIOS labs’ research primarily focuses on cultivation of following qualities:

  • Perception
  • a more refined cognition of evolving processes (the world), and a stronger sense of context that allows to be confident with our actions

  • Awareness
  • attentive consciousness, compassionate feeling and embodying

  • Play
  • joyful encounters with the spirit, navigating complexity through dialogue, remembering that every interaction offers an opportunity for compassion


Vision: crashing softly – transformation

Mission: adaptation and regeneration

Values: community as a curriculum and an artwork itself



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