LIOS Labs is an agency for  
experiences. We are an ecosystem of artists, cultural producers, researchers and storytellers.

how do wework

As a community-led, not-for-profit agency inspired by biomimetic systems, we prototype sustainable models for cultural production and ecological education, exchanging and cultivating regenerative practices that catalyse the joint power of beyond-reason knowledge, art, healing modalities, science and technology.

What do we

At our core, we engage in research, creative ideation, testing, and dissemination of tools and methods to leverage the symbiotic coexistence with our Planet. Our emphasis lies in amplifying more-than-human voices, impact storytelling, unlearning, decolonizing, and promoting degrowth modalities that collectively contribute to shaping a life-centric culture. With a dedicated focus on fostering change, fluidity, and adaptation, our initiatives encompass:

Who we are

We are a planetary web of agents— interdisciplinary artists, researchers, educators, activists, producers. Our collaboration is based on love, trust and creativity, which brings out our highest potential, especially when doing things together.


Do you have a project or a challenge? A venture that needs transformation? Would you like to organise an event, exhibition, ecological seminar, or retreat for your team? Do you wish to join our association? We would love to hear from you!
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