Sharing of the Fruits Festival

Pustynia Błędowska, Poland



The second edition of the sustainable festival, "Sharing of the Fruits," deepens our dedication to hosting climate-positive music and performance art events with a strong emphasis on community engagement. Expanding on insights gained from creating "A Manual For Regenerative Gatherings," our sustainability report derived from the inaugural 2022 event and supported by the European Music Council's MusicAiry program, the 2023 edition focuses on strenghtening the local network of artists and cultural producers. 2023 edition highlights emerging talents while exploring off-grid solutions for energy and optimizing zero-waste production, artists' circulation and travel.


Showcasing works created during the artist-in-residence programme in the Błędowska Desert, alongside booking local, emerging talents, the festival embraces the ethos of community and climate care, striving to set a precedent for responsible event management.


By powering the equipment with off-grid batteries and solar energy, and implementing zero-waste policies, we ensure that every facet of the festival leaves a minimal environmental footprint. Recognising the importance of responsible travel, we encourage artists and participants to utilise land travel and car-sharing to minimise event’s carbon emissions.



Sharing of the Fruits Festival (SotF)


Regenerative Gathering


Błędowska Desert, Poland


14 - 16.7.2023


LIOS Labs (Jo Vávra, Hannah Whitlow, Xtina Ariaz, Jasmine Alakari, James Mendes)


Aliki, Andreas Bennert, Ali Ayubi, Allegra Zimmermann, Ana Kretschmer, Aliaa Kurdi, Andrzej Frankowski, Antonella Prasse, Bakblivv, Chloe Sassi, Caroline Gieszner, Chris Paxton, Daniel Kamiab, Dasha Akimava, Erasmus Scherjon, Eva Van Der Horst, Finnegan Tui, Frazer Hearps, Ganna Ki, Guido Ortega, Hannah Whitlow, Ignacy Hryniewicz, Io, Inès Panizzi, Jackson Tenessee, James Mendes, Jasmine Alakari, Jojo Vávra, Julia Meade, Juju Raym, Laura Kowalczyk, Linnea Lapplainen, Lui Fritzsche, Marijana Lemm, Paulina Wozniczka, Paweł Kocpan, Planeta, Plato V, Rayne Cottrell, Rita Palma, River Matzke, Sal Katarzyna Korytowska, Sara Beatriz Diaz, Susy Chytrusy, Tzeshi Lei, Travis Broussard, Xtina Ariaz, Vagt, zenonan

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